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Posted by : Theprofessor April 30, 2013

Free Downloads Adobe Photoshop CS 8 (Full Version), Adobe Photoshop CS Version 8 software & Its Integrated Web production application, Adobe ImageReady CS Version 8 Software. 

Graphic & Web Designers, photographers, & video professionals can take advantage of Indispensable Features That Include Improved File Management, New Design possibilities, a More Intuitive way to create For The Web, & support for 16 Bit Images, Digital camera Raw Data, & non square pixels. Now you can create The Highest Quality Images More Efficiently Than Ever Before

What's NEW in Adobe Photoshop CS Version 8

Professional Toolset Create original Images or Modify photos using a full Assortment of painting, Drawing, & Retouching Tools.

Color correction Improve The color, contrast, & dynamic Range of any Image with a comprehensive set of professional color-correction Tools..

Enhanced Layer Control Composite Images, text, & Effects on Hundreds of Layers That you can organize with up to five Levels of Nesting & save in Different combinations as Layer Comps.

Improved File Browser Quickly preview, tag, & sort Images; search & Edit Metadata & keywords; & automatically Share Batches of Files From the Improved File Browser.

Advanced Web capabilities Create sophisticated Web page Elements, such as Rollovers & animations, using ImageReadythe only Web application that's completely Integrated with Photoshop.

Healing Brush Effortlessly Remove Dust, Scratches, Blemishes, Wrinkles, & Other flaws with the Healing Brush.

Special Effects Filters Easily Experiment & achieve amazing Results By accessing More than 95 special Effects filters. Preview & apply More than one filter at a time with the new Filter Gallery.

Advanced type control Add vector Based text that you can Edit at any time, Format, Warp, convert to outlines, & use for Masks or other special Effects.

Customised workspace Work the way that's Best for you by saving personalized workspace & tool Settings, & creating customized keyboard shortcuts.

Unparalleled Efficiency Automate production tasks with built-in or customized scripts &the actions palette which lets you Record Editing steps to quickly process Batches of files.

REVIEW Adobe Photoshop CS 8

One problem with reviewing a program like Adobe Photoshop CS (8.0) is that one never knows just how much to write about. Adobe Photoshop is such a complex and massive program; it is almost an operating system in itself. So rather than going into each and every feature of the program, a task few would undertake in a product review, I will look at some of the new features of the program.

16-bit color support is probably the biggest improvement in Photoshop with the new CS version. Most graphic programs work with only 8-bit images, but Photoshop CS can now work with 16-bit in layers, brushes, text, shapes, and more. The support is worthwhile for those who need to work with the highest resolution images for color correction.

RAW Data. When you take pictures with a digital camera, the picture is compressed in .JPG format. This is not an ideal solution if you want to get the best picture you can, and with Photoshop CS, you can now work directly with the RAW picture data rather than the .JPG compressed file. Unfortunately, not all digital cameras are supported. Neither Kodak nor HP digital cameras will work with the RAW support in CS. Canon, Fujifilm, Minolta, Nikon, and Olympus does have some supported cameras. If you need to take professional quality images, but are using a digital camera, as well as having a supported product, you will be very pleased with this feature.

The new and improved File Browser in CS works exceptionally well. While I had been using the Browser feature in Photoshop 7.0 for a year, it was somewhat cumbersome and not as intuitive as I would like. Photoshop CS has taken the Browse feature to new heights, making it much more intuitive, and much faster on both my G4 and G5 machine than previous versions.

Histograms are now, finally and “about-time” in color. This will help you when you’re working with RGB channels. This may not sound like much of an issue, but when you are color correcting photos, working with a color histogram will allow you much more precise control over your workflow.

Better PDF integration. A neat feature is the ability for Photoshop CS to create a “PDF Presentation” even if you do not own the full Acrobat version. While I have no need for this feature, a Photoshop friend and avid PDF supporter told me this is a big deal. So there you go.

The new Shadows/Highlights filter, found in the Adjustments menu, is simply amazing. This one feature is now a must-have for me. I take a lot of photos with my digital camera, as well as having scanned all my old photos a few years ago. Even after cleaning my old photos up in previous versions of Photoshop, I was amazed at how much help the new Shadows/Highlights help them. It is a great filter, one I am VERY pleased with.

This is a major upgrade if you are a die-hard Photoshop user, and need the new features found here. If you take a look at Adobe’s website, read through the list of new features, and decide that the $169 upgrade fee is not too steep, you will be pleased. If, however, you don’t need the benefit, you would do well to wait for the next major Photoshop rollout.

System Requirements

Before installing Adobe Photoshop Cs8 make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements necessary to run the program smoothly. Cs8 requires at least a 1.8GHz processor, Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista, 512MB of RAM (though 1GB is recommended), and at least 1GB of free hard drive space.

Free Downloads Adobe Photoshop CS 8 (Full Version) 

Adobe Photoshop CS 8 Full  [Mediafire]


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